About Us

501Carbon works with project development partners throughout the US and internationally. The majority of our carbon offsets currently come from international Gold Standard projects developed with our partner Umwelt-Projekt-Management headquartered in Munich. We are currently planning for more domestic and international projects, and invite any developers, investors, or management firms to contact us for more information. Please see our current partners listed below.

Pakistan Engineering Services, Ltd.

501Carbon works closely with our technical partner PES, mainly within the regions of Asia and Africa. As a partnership and consortium, 501Carbon and PES have bid on many consulting projects and tenders put forth by bilateral and multilateral organizations such as the World Bank, UNDP, UNEP, the Asian Development Bank, among others. PES has experience addressing energy and economic issues in Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, in addition to the United States and Pakistan.

Umwelt-Projekt-Management, GmbH

501Carbon maintains a close working relationship with technical partner Umwelt Projekt Management (UPM) in Munich. UPM is a leading company in international carbon markets. The versatile UPM portfolio consists of 23 projects, including two Programmes of Activities. Their expertise covers many different project types, several industries, and a variety of solutions for climate-friendly energy systems. 


501Carbon and UpEnergy have established a partnership around their cookstove project operating in Uganda.  UpEnergy has set out to both protect the environment and people by supporting distribution channels that benefit both large businesses (through carbon credits) and local retailers (through direct sales support and guidance) to make available safer, greener, and more efficient cookstoves, water purification technologies, and solar lights. UpEnergy has been featured in FastCompany as a top 10 most innovative company in Africa.