New Initiatives

501Carbon is constanty working on innovative responses to the impacts of climate change. Our organization is dedicated to creating collective behavior change and providing real solutions on the ground in the areas most at risk for social disruption from climate change.

CIRA: The Climate Impact Response Alliance

CIRA represents the collective will of multiple international organizations dedicated to providing both the public and private sector with support to measure and manage the impacts of climate change. CIRA members operate on every continent, and are equipped with the unique combination of policy, engineering, and financial skills necessary to implement the mitigation and adaptation strategies of any country.

EnMass Energy

EnMass Energy is a start-up micro-utility addressing both climate change and energy poverty through the use of baseload electricity generation from agricultural waste. EnMass leverages industrial partnerships to power economic development in emerging economies and least developed countries, by providing the necessary infrastructure for job growth and resource reliability. To learn more, go to 


Envend is an iOS and Android smartphone app in development that can power individual consumers to change their purchasing behavior to address climate change in real-time. The app pairs individual products and retailers with 501Carbon projects developed around the globe, which generates collective support for carbon emission reduction and climate change adaptation. For a beta version of the app, please visit