Offset Packages

Carbon offsets are created through projects that either trap or prevent greenhouse gases from reaching the atmosphere. They can be generated through verified methods like distributing clean stoves to replace coal for cooking and heat, or trapping methane from livestock farms and burning it for energy. These avoided emissions are measured and verified by an outside auditor, and can then represent a net reduction in greenhouse gases that may be purchased by someone who cannot avoid or prevent their own carbon output. The purchase of offsets is the only way to completely neutralize your impacts on the climate.


Offsets to neutralize the emissions from general everyday activities.


Offsets to neutralize the emissions from the burning of fossil fuels or reliance on traditional electricity generation in the case of electric cars.

House & Home

Offsets to neutralize the emissions related to electricity and fuel for heating, cooling, and powering appliances in your home (based on size and square footage).


Offsets to neutralize the emissions from airline flights both domestic or short-haul (under 3 hours) and international or long-haul (flight time over 3 hours).


Offset to neutralize the emissions from basic office functions per employee…does not include electricity, logistical, shipping, or manufacturing heavy operations. For full business life-cycle-analysis and full carbon neutrality for businesses large and small please contact


Offsets to neutralize the emissions from attendees at a single concert, family gathering, or large events such as music or film festivals.


Options available for tax-deductible donations without offset purchases.