Climate Projects

501Carbon plays a variety of different roles within our offset programs and project development. With many of the projects we can act as implementer, financier, direct developer, or simply support the continued operation of already developed projects by connecting offset purchasers with existing projects.

Sichuan Household Biogas Programme

This 2014 Energy Globe Award project developed by our partners UPM uses Gold Standard carbon credits to install biogas digesters and cookstoves for small-scale farmers in rural China. Each digester traps methane and converts it to fuel, representing the removal of approximately 20 tons of CO2 equivalent, meaning the projects 1,000,000 installed digesters will reduce over 20 Million tons of carbon dioxide in total.

Uganda Solar Cookstoves

The Ugastoves Initiative provides indoor-air friendly fuel-efficient charcoal and wood stoves that reduce fuel needs for poor families. The project has generated approximately 600,000 Gold Standard offsets creating the capacity to manufacture the stove and train workers to help maintain the stoves. Without offset purchases from private clients, the stove would be too expensive compared to stoves with negative health impacts.

UpEnergy Super-Efficient Cookstove Project

UpEnergy’s stoves replace primary three-stone fires. Since its founding, UpEnergy has served over 125,000 Ugandans. The environmental impact is considerable, with 30,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided and over 120,000 trees saved thus far. The households we serve save several hours per day through reduced time needed for cooking and fuel collection, and those who purchase fuel save $72 per year.

Projects in Development

These projects are currently underway or in the feasibility, fact-finding, or development process. Any interested parties should not hesitate to contact us if they wish to be involved through forward offset purchasing, project organization, or development partnerships.