carbon pricing

Looking Forward to Paris 2015 — The Next Global Conference on Climate Change

The Paris 2015 Climate Change Conference could lead to a global agreement on climate change mitigation. While unlikely, part of this agreement could include a global carbon pricing system based on the ‘fair’ allocation of carbon budgets (amount of carbon emissions that each country is allowed to produce). A recent article from the World Economic Forum compared three different carbon allocation rules: a tax rule, an equity-based rule, and an egalitarian rule. Each has its benefits and drawbacks.

Environmental Policy and Technological Innovation

It has long been argued that sound environmental policy is necessary in order to overcome market failures with regard to the innovation and diffusion of new technologies for emissions reductions. And when it comes to acting on climate change, time is of the essence. This article explores the importance of climate policy in incentivizing the widespread application of low-carbon technology to address climate change.

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