Energy poverty

How to Tackle Energy Poverty

Momentum is building in the fight against energy poverty, and 501Carbon is part of the movement. The UN recently crystallized its sustainable development goals for 2030, with “access to affordable, reliable, and modern energy for all” selected as goal number seven. An Oxfam report showed how renewable energy could help beat poverty and pollution in India; the World Bank flat out rejected the idea of tackling energy poverty with coal power; and billionaire Richard Branson ruminated on the importance of ending energy poverty once and for all through sustainable energy projects.

The Global Fight Against Energy Poverty

Many in developing countries are currently experiencing energy poverty, either through access to very low levels of energy consumption, the use of excessively dirty and polluting fuels, or through the time spent procuring fuel to meet only the most basic human needs (or a combination thereof). Addressing energy poverty is crucial for overall development because of the multiplier effect of access to clean and secure energy sources. 501Carbon is actively engaged in the fight against energy poverty.

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